TailWind's CEEMEA survey identifies the trends, opportunities and challenges of Programmatic Trading.

30.Jul.14. Tailwind, Press Release

TailWind, the specialized company of TDG in Programmatic Trading and Ad-Tech Solutions, announced the findings of the first ever survey about the status of Programmatic Trading across Middle East, Africa, Central and Southeast Europe.  

Conducted jointly with AppNexus, the RESEARCH captured the level of understanding and adoption of Programmatic Trading on both the demand and the supply side, whereas it highlighted the major trends, challenges and opportunities for publishers, agencies and advertisers.  

The 17-page whitepaper, which is available for DOWNLOAD at www.tailwindemea.net, proves that Programmatic Trading is no longer the puzzling term that only a few understood what it really was all about. Both buyers and sellers claim to have realized that it offers multiple benefits, such as “Better Targeting of Audiences” “ReducedBudget and Impressions Wastage”.  

On the other hand, the “Lack of premium Inventory” and the “Skills shortage in our company” have been identified as two of the most compelling reasons deterring both sides from adopting Programmatic Trading wholeheartedly. 

Still though, 76.5% of respondents from CEEMEA agreed that, sooner rather than later, Programmatic will evolve into a vital/important part of Digital ADVERTISING.

The whitepaper provides also a useful comparison of the key findings with the equivalent 2014 research conducted by AppNexus, Warc and IAB in Western Europe, stressing the different adoption stage between the two regions.

About TailWind 

TailWind, a TDG company, energizes publishers, advertisers and advertising agencies to cut through the complexity of digital BUSINESS and drive their business fast forward through automated, data driven, ad-technology solutions.

TailWind owns and operates Project Agora, a network of programmatic publisher marketplaces across CEE, SE Europe and MENA. Project Agora’s mission is to bring laissez faire in advertising by creating trusted, brand safe marketplaces that add value to advertisers while protecting the interests of local publishers.

TailWind is also Appnexus’ partner for over 30 countries in CEE & MEA, and Sizmek’spartner for CEE. 

For more info:

E-mail: programmatic@tailwindemea.net  

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