OOX reveals internet advertising stats in the UAE

14.Mar.09. OOX News

Communicate magazine has published internet advertising numbers for the first time, sourcing the data from OOXmonitor, the industry’s first competitive online advertising monitoring service.

You can view the figures in Communicate’s March 2009 issue page 32, or download the article here.
It is worth noting that OOX* does not agree with Communicate’s statement that appears in the article’s page: “Although advertisers can tightly control their spend online, the currency is usually in click-through rates rather than traditional advertising’s cost per thousand impressions”.
In fact online campaigns buys can be done using more than one method, of which Pay-per-Click is one of them. In the UAE, the most popular method of purchasing online advertising space remains to be by Thousands Impressions. Other used methods are Cost per Lead.
*OOX or out-n-out online xperts are known to be the parent company of OOXmonitor, the UAE and the region's first competitive online advertising monitoring and creative ad bank service.


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