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Joana Omari, VP Business Development (Left);, Diwanee's latest Arabic content addition (Right).

Diwanee, a digital media company, has set up shop to provide tailored content solutions to advertisers in the region. The media house is busy growing its own line of websites;,, and - their new female lifestyle portal set to launch officially after Eid.

Started in 2009, Diwanee is headed by partners Herve Cuviliez, Delphine Edde, Patrick Boulos and Ivan Petrovic. CEO Cuviliez and CTO Petrovic have successfully co-founded a web agency prior to Diwanee, while Publishing Director Delphine Edde has a digital background from Condé Nast, in Paris, where she worked on titles like

The partners now aim to provide content creation in the region. With their editorial team in place in Lebanon and their technical support rooted in Serbia, they have just recently established their Client Servicing andSales office in Dubai Media City.

“We’re looking to inject premium Arabic content into the market…We’ve created our own websites and since then, we’ve also produced content for third party clients,” says Joana Omari, who was Head of Sales at BBC Worldwide before getting on board Diwanee as VP Business Development. Omari explains that besides offering display ad opportunities to clients, Diwanee is venturing into creating branded content solutions for advertisers.

Diwanee has done content creation and management for clients like L’Oreal. “For L’Oreal, we are managing the digital strategy for several of their brands. This includes handling their social media, managing their communities, creating banners for their ad campaigns, and we’re creating content for them as well. So, we’re introducing different executions online that go beyond banner advertising for them,” says Omari.

About Branded Content

“Creating branded content is about engaging with your consumer…It’s about getting the consumer to spend time with the brand in a way that is entertaining. It’s about creating stronger relationships as opposed to just trying to sell to them,” says Omari.

She explains that there is a variety of platforms through which branded content can be executed. Some examples of branded content are viral videos, games and competitions on Facebook, specialized microsites, customized channels/sections on a website, and sponsorships of web shows and live stream events.

With its own line of websites, Diwanee is in the position to offer advertisers branded content solutions. “We can speak to advertisers about doing specific branded content ideas on our websites. [For instance] we have a female/family-oriented website. So, maybe we can speak to clients from the food and beverage industries and create a section about cooking for them…[or with] a baby brand for example, we can have an expert so that mothers can send in questions to be answered by doctors. And this can be sponsored by the client. Video content is another exciting way to engage with consumers, especially through web-shows and series, which we are presently working on for the Yasmina TV section on our female portal,” Omari illustrates. 

Asked about the industry’s response to branded content, Omari says, “A lot of agencies are recognizing that there’s a need for premium branded content. They’re introducing roles within the company for content specialists who go out and outsource and ask people like us to provide content for them...Agencies are very open to it, [but] I don’t think clients have budgets set aside yet for branded content.”

L'Oreal's Garnier Arabic Microsite, developed by Diwanee

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