Jeeran Introduces French Interface

Jeeran, the Arab Online community in the region, recently announced launching a French language interface for its website.

The new interface was designed and developed with the purpose of attracting readership and participation from the site's North African visitors, many of whom had previously expressed interest in bringing their own experience into Jeeran's interactive website.

With the advent of its new interface, Jeeran has become the first regional online community to offer its interface in Arabic, English and French, which is expected to further enhance the site's content with a unique, multi-cultural edge.

"North Africa is an exponentially growing audience with plenty to offer the online community. At Jeeran, we had always sought to give users throughout the region with a distinctive interactive experience, bringing them communication tools that allow them to share, interrelate and enrich their knowledge of the world around them," said Laith Zreikat, Jeeran's Chief Product Officer & co-founder.

Jeeran currently serves over a million unique visitors a month in the North African Region.

Launched in 2000, Jeeran is the largest online community offering user generated content in the Arab world. The website aims to provide the Middle East and North Africa with the latest web technologies and the means to communicate and connect, implementing a variety of online communication tools ranging from blogging and personal profiles to content sharing and social networking.

The site's user-generated content and community platform allows its users to post self-created videos, photos, and blogs. Users can also view content published by others and connect with those sharing the same interests.

The website's unique and user-centered approach has attracted more than 1.5 million registered members around the Arab world, all of whom contribute, share and provide its content, in addition to more than 7 million visitors a month.

Jeeran is headquartered in Jordan, and has fully operational branches in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

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