How to Forecast Ramadan Ad Activity?

22.May.17. OOX

How to forecast Ramadan competitive online advertising activity based on OOXmonitor’s historical data? Read the simple steps in this article to reveal a wealth of competitive data related to activities conducted during the month of Ramadan.

Step 1: How to identify the ‘Ramadan’ relevant search period.

Ramadan advertising activities, depending on the category or industry, could start as far back as 3 to 4 weeks prior to the start of the month of Ramadan. This is related to marketing and sales considerations, for example cooking ingredients could be purchased earlier to stock-up the pantry. Hence the early start of Ramadan campaigns in the Food sector.

In summary:

  • Identify the effective start of Ramadan e.g. From 06 June to July 05, 2016.
  • Cast a wider bracket around Ramadan to cover all competitive ads including those that are related to Eid Al Fitr e.g. from 08 May to 16 July.
  • Tip: Always start your date search on the start of the week (Sunday) and end it on a Saturday (last day of the week).

Step 2: Login to OOXmonitor and Run a Report

  1. Select your Market(s) [e.g., UAE+KSA+KWT]
  2. Select your Industry [e.g., Foods & Snacks]
  3. Select a time bracket to consider Ramadan period [e.g., 08 May – 16 July, 2016]
  4. Type “Ramadan” in the ‘Keyword’ search box
  5. Click the ‘magnifier icon’ next to the search box or simply hit enter
  6. Click the ‘Search’ button to run your query.

Tip: The Dashboard and Estimator automatic reports will operate seamlessly – do use them to get neat insights at a click of a button.

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