DMS Announce Regional Offices Network

15.Oct.12. Choueiri Group, Press Release

Digital Media Services (DMS), which operates as the digital media arm of Choueiri Group, recently reiterated its commitment to the region’s digital marketing community, by announcing that the successful establishment and ongoing growth of its network of regional offices strengthens its ability to serve as a key regional digital advertising industry player.

Headquartered in Dubai (UAE), since its formation in 2010, DMS currently operates local offices across the most vital regional markets, with actively engaged teams extending on-the-ground support and outreach to clients, advertisers and brands in Beirut (Lebanon), Riyadh and Jeddah (KSA), Kuwait City (Kuwait), Cairo (Egypt) and Paris (France).

This region-wide presence is aligned with DMS’ goal of remaining at the forefront of “digital marketing” across the Middle East, which is witnessing increased capital investments being channeled towards Online, mobile / SMS advertising budgets. This trend rides on the back of the exceptional effectiveness which digital platforms are delivering to advertisers, coupled with high levels of mobile phone penetration across the region, as well as the swift technology adoption rates which the region’s consumers are synonymous with.

Michel Malkoun, Managing Director, Digital Media Services

Elaborating further on DMS’ growing regional presence, Michel Malkoun, the Company’s Managing Director stated that “From the onset, it was clear that our ability to maintain close relationships with individual regional publishers, as well as advertisers and brands, would requisite our on-the-ground presence. We are extremely pleased that in a relatively short period of time, our footprint has grown to encompass the most vital markets in the Middle East. Our local offices are proving invaluable in keeping us on top of our client’s needs, while enabling greater opportunities for knowledge-sharing, which only strengthens the quality of the digital media solutions which we deliver to advertisers. This is all in line with positioning DMS as the region’s digital media partner of choice”.

DMS’ portfolio currently extends a premium selection of leading regional digital media platforms, covering the “General Entertainment”, “News & Business”, “Social Networking”, “Female”, “Leisure”, “Kids” and “Mobile” categories.

About Digital Media Services (DMS) / Choueiri Group

Digital Media Services (DMS) was incorporated in 2010 as the official digital media arm of Choueiri Group. DMS extends a premium portfolio of online /mobile offerings, with an aim of strengthening the value and effectiveness of the communication solutions which the Group delivers to advertisers. DMS is headquartered in Dubai, with presence in key regional markets.

As the leading media representation group in the Middle East, Choueiri Group is a company built from the ground up over the past forty years. Today, the Group’s companies market and manage the advertising space of 29 television stations, 17 print titles, 11 radio stations, cinemas, web portals and the largest network of outdoor signs in the GCC. Choueiri Group operates in nine markets covering the MENA region, Europe and Japan and ensures the best support for its regional and international clients through its extensive network of twelve subsidiaries, 2 representative offices and more than 600 committed executives.

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