Digital Media Services (DMS) and AJ SynkOnAir to launch revolutionary 2nd Screen App and Cloud Platform

25.Feb.14. DMS, Press Release

Feb 23, 2014 – Dubai, UAE: Digital Media Services (DMS), which serves as the digital arm of Choueiri Group and SynkOnAir (a Subsidiary of AJ Consulting) announced today that they have entered into an exclusive partnership aimed at offering TV viewers, brands and broadcasters in the MENA region a revolutionary second screen app (Synclie), which carries the potential to be an industry game changer.

The Synclie smart sync app offers a unique TV second-screen experience. Synclie’s sophisticated media and broadcast automatic content recognition technology allows viewers to auto-sync with TV shows and adverts, pull cast details, video and music from a show or episode, celebrity news, trivia, Twitter messages, related web pages, digital and physical products and merchandise and share anything with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and other new and rising social media services in the Middle East and North Africa, all while being rewarded with coupons, offers and social currency that can be exchanged for goods and services. Synclie is available in English and Arabic from day one and will be on major mobile devices like iOS, Android as well as desktops.

Speaking on the new development, DMS’ Managing Director, Michel Malkoun said that “It doesn’t matter which channel a viewer is surfing, or which favorite show they are tuned in to; with Synclie’s Smart Sync Technology, TV viewers will get an enhanced, rich experience directly related to the content they are watching, as they’re watching it. They even get rewarded for it- with only the press of a Sync it button. We’re certain that Synclie will become the region’s favorite TV companion app.”

He went on say to elaborate on the vast new opportunities which the Synclie Smart Sync technology and its cloud platform SocioTactics will enable for regional advertisers by saying that “This app will allow advertisers to engage TV viewers with dynamic and effective engagement opportunities, which go far beyond ads: Games, polls, you name it.”

AJ Consulting has formed a number of exciting partnerships with global content providers, new media, e-commerce, and shipping companies to provide viewers with a 360-degree end-to-end cycle that allows them to receive relevant, semantic and contextual multimedia content for the shows that they’re watching; connect socially with friends and family, play games and receive social currency rewards which can be redeemed for physical and digital goods from advertiser brands, as well as strategic, social-commerce portal partners like

Moe Shanti, AJ and SynkOnAir’s CEO and Laurent Mairet SynkOnAir’s COO commented “We believe that this will not only fundamentally enrich viewers’ user experience, but also has the potential to change the industry landscape, because brands can now push relevant, actionable content and campaigns and get their true ROI on the spot, via AJ’s cloud platform that powers the app- SocioTactics!”

For all the media companies and agencies out there that may wonder what’s new and revolutionary here, Synclie applies sophisticated automatic listening logic to television content recognition, pulls and pushes contextual and actionable content and ad serving through social persona targeting and natural language processing patented AJ technologies. These allow brands and their agencies to launch interest and demographically targeted campaigns and get real results to a wider and more engaged audience. We believe that Synclie will be just as industry-shifting to the TV media industry, as Shazam has been to the music industry, except without the need to fingerprint anything.

AJ Consulting’s SynkOnAir and DMS will be developing their partnership further to benefit their users and customers.  The in-app integration of e-commerce functions has much wider applications and opens the door to new and revolutionary ways to generate revenue and to bridge the online 2nd screen and TV user experiences.

Digital Media Services (DMS) / Choueiri Group

Digital Media Services (DMS) was incorporated in 2010 as the official digital media arm of Choueiri Group. DMS extends a premium portfolio of online offerings, with an aim of strengthening the value and effectiveness of the communication solutions which the Group delivers to advertisers. DMS is headquartered in Dubai, with presence in key regional markets.

As the leading media representation group in the Middle East, Choueiri Group is a company built from the ground up over the past 40 years. Today, the Group’s companies market and manage the advertising space of 31 television stations, 16 print titles, 12 radio stations, cinemas, 32 web portals and the largest network of outdoor signs in the GCC. Choueiri Group operates in ten markets covering the MENA region, Europe and Japan and ensures the best support for its regional and international clients through its extensive network of 12 subsidiaries, 4 representative offices and more than 800 committed executives.

AJ Consulting’s SynkOnAir

AJ Consulting is a Palo Alto, Silicon Valley technology firm that thrives on the challenge of building truly innovative technologies and platforms, apps and Gamified experiences for corporate clients and people like you and me.  AJ specializes in cloud-based technologies that integrate media and social media in new and fascinating ways. AJ believes that technology can play an important role in giving individuals access to high quality content across the globe and is committed to contributing to this movement. SynkOnAir is a subsidiary of AJ Consulting focusing on second screen apps and technologies.




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