2016 Online Ad Spends & Trends, 2017 Outlook

23.Feb.17. OOX

OOX has released the much-awaited ‘online ad spends & trends, and 2017 outlook’ industry report.

In its fourth edition, the report showcases exclusive data and insights that are sought after by digital advertisers, publishers, ad agencies and industry experts alike.

Industry Report Outline:

- Total estimated ad spends for online advertising* in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait
- Best performing brands by share of expenditure
- Best performing categories or sectors by share of expenditure
- Best performing ad formats
- Seasonality of advertising
- Benchmarks vs. last 2 years
- Unique insights and analysis
- 2017 trends and outlook

Similar to the previous years, the OOX benchmark report is expected to be used as a basis for digital ad spend market analysis and projections for 2017 and beyond.

To request a free digital or printed copy of the report, please go to www.ooxmonitor.com/contact-us or call +971 4 55 11 OOX (669).

*Online advertising spends cover the following ad units: display, video, premium (sponsorship, road-block) on premium websites, YouTube, Shahid.MBC.net and Google Display Network.

2016 Online Ad Spends & Trends, 2017 Outlook

Important Note: Full or partial reproduction of this report without prior written approval from OOX is strictly forbidden, in digital or any other media type or format. The terms of use described at www.ooxmonitor.com/terms-use shall apply to this report.

About OOX & OOXmonitor

OOX is the company that has introduced OOXmonitor, the first and largest multi-market competitive online advertising monitoring service in the Middle-East and North Africa.

OOX has been leading the initiative on digital monitoring in the MENA region since 2008. International, regional and local businesses rely every day on OOXmonitor data for business development and digital ad planning. To name a few companies who use OOXmonitor: BBC Advertising, Turner, Perform Group UK, GroupM, Publicis Media, MCN, Arla Foods, DAMAC Properties, Choueiri Group and many more.

In addition to providing competitive advertising monitoring and intelligence, OOX offer Analytics, Alerts, Reports on Demand, Ad Verification, Creative Ad Bank, Video and Mobile Ad monitoring.

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